Gary Rimar’s Cyber Office


This web page exists for three reasons. First, it gives me a place to put my contact information (since my content is posted on social media). Second, it is here because I wanted to have a custom e-mail address, and with that comes web site hosting that I don’t really need. Lastly, on those rare occasions that I have a link to post, this is as good a place as any.

This page is purposely simple because it doesn’t need to be more complicated to serve the purpose that it serves. That, and I don’t sell my services as a web developer, even though I was a TV production professional for over a decade.


Postal: PO Box 40144, Arlington VA 22204
Mobile: +1 202-838-6070

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Publications / Presentations

Message Design Guidelines for Screen-Based Programs. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 12: 245–256. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2729.1996.tb00055.x

Slide decks for cybersecurity talks and current resume available upon direct request.

If you want the digitized file of Sara, Sylvia, and Nettie audiotape that Harrison Magy found, please send me an e-mail or phone me and I'll send you the link to download it.

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